My offer

My offer to you:

Change & Evolve. An individual coaching programme tailored to your personal needs and based on your current requirements.
The first question I am always asked is: “How do you work and coach?
My answer is always the same: “What do you need?”
Because you and your concerns are always at the centre of my attention.

Change & Evolve – Personal Coaching:

My Personal Coaching is designed to help you to change and develop in areas that are relevant to you, to achieve a better quality of life and more satisfaction in your life. We look at all areas of your personal life: private life, relationships and your professional life. It is of great importance to work on your goals together with you and to develop a tailor-made coaching programme that will enable you to reach your personal goals. I offer several packages you can choose from. (Hyperllink zur Seite „Coaching Packages“)

Change & Evolve – Professional Coaching for individuals:

My Professional Coaching is a coaching programme designed to help you change and evolve in your professional life. We look at your current professional situation, evaluate and find out together how you can better develop your potential in order to make a full career start, become a better leader or reorient yourself professionally. Due to my holistic approach, the private life is also included in individual sessions. I always take your personality and your needs into account. I offer several packages you can choose from. (Hyperllink zur Seite „Coaching Packages“)

Change & Evolve – Professional Coaching for Companies:

My Professional Coaching is also aimed at you as a company and entrepreneur. My goal is to support companies and entrepreneurs in creating a fear-free working atmosphere in order to increase productivity with satisfied and happy employees. I support you in the following areas: Corporate Communications (internal / external), Change Management, Personal Development, Leadership Training, HR Development.

In all coaching sessions I like to work with the Enneagram.

After an initial conversation, I will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your individual needs. This first meeting to get to know each other takes about 1 hour and is of course free of charge. All coaching sessions are also possible online via video conference (Skype, zoom etc.).