About me

  My name is Tanja Boness. I am a human being, mother, coach, mentor, and trainer – as well as a passionate entrepreneur. My expertise and experience lie in empowering women, relationship building in teams and companies, and as a life coach for all those who want to change and develop in their lives.

My personal change and transformation started very early but very little of it happened consciously. We are constantly changing and evolving, but it took me a long time to understand that you can steer this development in a certain direction if you do it consciously and work on yourself with awareness. My “aha” moment was when I discovered the Enneagram for myself many years ago, which changed everything significantly for me and also my work. My Transformation is not finished and it will probably never be as long as I really live my life, which I intend to do.

I have done a lot in my life, got to know a lot, and tried out a lot. I have not only changed my job several times but also my profession. I can draw on over 30 years of experience that I have gained in a wide variety of companies and industries. What has always accompanied me, no matter what profession I have had, was the support of the people around me. All these experiences have helped me to always put people and their individual needs in the foreground and I love what I do.

Something I have noticed again and again in the course of my career: the most important resource – the human being – is very much underestimated in many companies. This is exactly what has a negative impact on the success and reputation of a company and, of course, on the people themselves. A high turnover of employees, burn-outs, frustration, and a corresponding number of sick days are often the obvious consequences. I focus on these issues because my goal is to help companies and their employees be successful and also to help create an anxiety-free work environment.

In addition to working with companies and managers, I also offer support to people in different areas, on a professional and personal level, so that they can Change and Evolve.

In all areas of my work, I like to use the Enneagram as a first analysis tool to base my work on. The advantage of this is that it significantly reduces the duration of the collaboration and thus the costs for my clients.

It is particularly important to me that each coaching session – be it professional, private or for a company – is always individually and holistically designed and geared to the needs of my clients. I am convinced that only very individual coaching is goal-oriented and sustainable and brings the desired results. For this reason, I do not work with a blueprint – according to the motto “one size fits all”. Instead, I develop tailor-made coaching for each person or company.

Please also read the testimonials of some of my clients.

Change & Evolve – that is my promise to you.