About me

  My name is Tanja Boness, I am a human being, mother, coach and trainer – with special knowledge and experience in empowering women, relationship building in teams and companies, life coach for all those who want to develop and change – as well as passionate entrepreneur.

In my work I can draw on over 30 years of experience gained in various companies and industries, as well as experience in the areas of coaching, change management, life coaching, training, personal coaching, public relations, marketing, business development, sales and internal/external corporate communications as well as public speaking. The human being with his individual needs has always been and still is the focus of my work.

For almost 20 years now, my commitment and passion have been considered as years of developing people and companies. For me, people are the most important resource of any company. In the course of my career, one thing has always struck me. This important resource – people – is underestimated by many companies. In many ways, this has a negative impact on the success and reputation of a company as well as on the people themselves. A high turnover of employees, burn-outs, frustration and a high number of sick leave are often the obvious consequences.

In my job I am dedicated to these issues, because my goal is to help companies be great and to help create a fearless and highly productive work environment. Beyond working with companies and leaders, my work also involves supporting people in a wide range of areas, both professionally and personally, so that they can change and evolve, becoming the best version of themselves. In all areas of my work I like to use the Enneagram as a first analysis tool to build my coaching on. The advantage of this is that it allows me to significantly reduce the duration of the coaching and thus the costs for my clients. It is especially important to me that each coaching – whether professional, private or for a company – is always individual and holistic, based on the needs of my clients.

I am convinced that only a very individual coaching is target-oriented and sustainable and brings the desired results. For this reason I do not work with a blueprint – according to the motto “one size fits all”. but develop a coaching programme tailored to your needs for each person or company. Change & Evolve – that is my promise to you. Please also read the testimonials of some of my clients.

Change & Evolve – that is my promise to you.