Olivier Gros
Coaching: professional

I did have the opportunity to work with Tanja on some coaching sessions.

Tanja is a very kind person and willing to accompany people in their professional transition. Her help in my journey to move to a new professional activity was essential. She helped me, with the use of the Enneagram methodology, to reconnect with myself, understand myself better with my strengths and areas of progress.

She helped me listen to my emotions more often. Tanja also played an important role by helping me define concrete actions to implement, asking me to come with specific objectives to the sessions, suggesting concrete actions to be implemented between sessions and measure the progress/impact.

We also identified areas of progress to work on and learn to better observe /measure the impact I have/my actions have on others.

I recommend Tanja if you are going through a transition period, she will definitively be of a great support to accompany you.