Markus Römer
Coaching: personal

I got in touch with Tanja through a recommendation; I am so very grateful for that. In the process of my personal development I turned to Tanja. It was exactly the right decision, because from the first meeting I could feel this very honest and positive energy.

I made the decision for myself that I wanted to change something in my life – “Get out of my hamster wheel”!
I wanted to understand why I am not creating positive, satisfying and sustainable results with my actions. Why am I not getting anywhere in life, why is it always the others? Self-doubt, fears, negative beliefs, even the unconscious ones dominated my life. These negative thoughts and the resulting negative stress transferred to all my life situations, especially family life. The relationship with my eldest son was very strained at that time. I felt trapped in my hamster wheel. I had no idea how begin to change anything of my own accord,
In order to know and understand what kind of motivation was actually behind my actions, I took the Enneagram test.

Through the evaluation of my Enneagram type, I was able to work on my blockages very specifically with Tanja in the following sessions and through the tasks and exercises that were set. The Enneagram gave me a glimpse behind the scenes; into my deepest longings. Tanja’s coaching allowed me to learn many new things about myself, which I can now use. My relationship with my son is loving, I am much more relaxed and can reflect on my actions quickly.

I recommend booking coaching with Tanja in addition to the Enneagram test. Without professional evaluation and appropriate exercises, I would certainly not have achieved such results.

Thank you very much, dear Tanja!



Petra Lander
Coaching: personal

Dear Tanja,

I would like to thank you very much for 3 most enlightening Enneagram coaching sessions with you.🙏🏻 They really have helped to bring whole new considerations and aspects of me to light, and some extremely deep seated emotional influences that I was wholly unaware of, or rather, which I had never quite seen in this light before.

I feel that several new layers of my emotional, subconscious “onion” have come to light and have been peeled off, and rather a lot of internal discovery progress has been made.

I found our interaction not only very enjoyable but also very thought provoking at the same time. You really are a very good coach and have made these Enneagram results that much more valuable for me.

I would highly encourage anyone considering having an Enneagram done to book a few coaching sessions with you at the same time. I am now looking forward to which new understandings will reveal themselves to me upon reading these pages again and again. With gratitude and love.


Olivier Gros
Coaching: professional

I did have the opportunity to work with Tanja on some coaching sessions.

Tanja is a very kind person and willing to accompany people in their professional transition. Her help in my journey to move to a new professional activity was essential. She helped me, with the use of the Enneagram methodology, to reconnect with myself, understand myself better with my strengths and areas of progress.

She helped me listen to my emotions more often. Tanja also played an important role by helping me define concrete actions to implement, asking me to come with specific objectives to the sessions, suggesting concrete actions to be implemented between sessions and measure the progress/impact.

We also identified areas of progress to work on and learn to better observe /measure the impact I have/my actions have on others.

I recommend Tanja if you are going through a transition period, she will definitively be of a great support to accompany you.


Sebastian Gössler

2019 Head of Growth, Choba Choba AG
Coaching: personal & professional

I initially approached Tanja for private coaching as part of my separation. When I dared to take the step of separating, it was clear to me that I needed to develop myself further in order not to make the same mistakes again in the future. I was very unhappy for some time, many problems resulted from a lack of communication. In addition, and actually at the same time, a massive frustration in my job set in.

People are creatures of habit and I had to learn to leave my comfort zone in order to develop, but I did not know how. Tanja’s individual coaching, tailored to my needs, helped me to recognise my fears in a relationship, to overcome them and to recognise what is really important for me in a relationship. In doing so, she showed me that good communication is the be-all and end-all in a relationship. This may not be new to most people, but it is easier said than done. Thanks to her, I can now clearly express my needs and wishes to my partner and no longer let the fear of losing him control me if I do. Thanks to Tanja I can now have a harmonious relationship and have found my centre, so to speak.

In addition, Tanja’s leadership coaching has helped me to become a better leader for my team and to appreciate the human resource in my team in a completely different way. Today we work much more efficiently and have largely banished frustration from our daily work. It has also helped me to change professionally and to find a job and a company that really suits me, so that I have also found a new drive professionally.

All in all, I have to say that Tanja helped me through one of my most difficult times and I am very grateful for her coaching, without which I would not be where I am today: all-round happy and satisfied.


Hans Meirhofer

Entrepreneur & Investor in People
Business Coaching

With my professional background as an osteopath, I like to compare companies, organisations and teams with the human organism. Our body, the human being, is doing well when the smallest building blocks – the cells – are doing well. If I can create an environment that helps the cells and organs to develop optimally and do their job successfully, we are healthy. And so any organisation is only good and successful if the smallest building blocks are doing well – the people.

As the leader of a wide variety of independent teams in my own company, it has always been a great concern of mine to create precisely this prosperous and positive environment so that the people in the teams feel good and can develop according to their strengths and talents.

I had come to know and appreciate Tanja personally as a participant in meetings and trainings. Asking her to bring her extensive knowledge, practical know-how and experience to my team was the logical next step.

The main topics were, among others:

How do I deal with rejection?
How do I organise my time and activities as efficiently as possible?
How do I market myself and what I stand for?

Although I have participated in many similar seminars and workshops, this experience with Tanja was a special one. This was mainly due to her very personal, human approach, her clarity and all that coupled with high competence and experience. The feedback from the participants from the teams was exceptional and was undoubtedly the turning point in their lives for some.

So if anyone – individually or as an organisation and team – feels they are treading water or are looking for impetus to take the next step towards change, I can definitely recommend getting in touch with Tanja.

Because – what if it turns out well?